Katherine Hyett
20/02/2018 14:04

My first blog for KD People! It's been a year of big change for me. I became a mother for the first time and then decided to resign from a job I had been in for nearly 10 years. I loved the organisation I worked for - I just realised I needed to start taking some risks to achieve what I want in life. I am also passionate about recruitment and doing it well and this gives me the freedom to focus on that and hopefully make a number of clients happy! The people I have seen progress in their career are generally brave and prepared to put themselves on the line and take risks. According to Margie Warrell (Founder of Global Courage) we "are innately risk averse and afraid of putting our vulnerability on the line. The status quo, while not particularly fulfilling, can seem like an easier, softer, less scary, option. Indeed, advances in brain imaging technology can now verify that we human beings are wired to be risk averse".

We tend to overestimate the possibility of something going wrong and underestimate the risks of maintaining the status quo. The reason I suddenly got 'brave' was through truly assessing the risks versus the potential benefits. I worked out what was the worst possible scenario and luckily it's not that bad! Additional motivation was provided through becoming a mother and also turning 40 this year! You stop worrying about looking foolish and think about the regrets you would have if you didn't do it.


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