• March 2024

    Katherine Hyett is an extraordinary recruiter and a splendid human being!

    Katherine played a pivotal role in securing my first job as an international PhD student in the UK. Her professionalism, strategic approach, warmth, and remarkable foresight set her apart. She went beyond the role of a mere recruiter, acting as a genuine career mentor. Facilitating effective communication between myself and the company, she addressed all my concerns, big and small, with practical solutions. I can't speak highly enough of Katherine—truly supportive and exceptionally thoughtful.
  • June 2023

    A big thank you to Katherine for helping me with a recent career move. She took the time to know me during our first meeting, and has been helpful and supportive throughout the whole process. It has been a very pleasant experience working with Katherine, and I would highly recommend her to anyone thinking about the next steps of their career.
    J. Yu
  • October 2022

    Great support and outcome

    A big thanks to Katherine for helping me with my recent career change. Katherine took time to get to know me, my situation and my wishes for professional development. She helped me into a new and exciting role that I am thriving in. She was great at following up with me through the process and provided me with fair and unbiased advice and input which made for a very smooth transition process.

    I can warmly recommend her, and I will be keeping in touch.
    Julie Svalastog
  • October 2022

    Katherine is the best!

    Katherine approached me on LinkedIn with an exciting role that was ideal for me. Throughout the process, from initial contact to being offered the role, Katherine kept me informed. She made sure I had all the information I needed and was always on hand to answer my questions. I highly recommend Katherine. She's professional, knowledgeable, experienced and approachable. Thank you, Katherine!
    Elinor Hughes
  • February 2022

    Highly recommended

    Katherine has been absolutely fantastic to work with. Right from the initial contact, to the first day on the new job, she has been nothing but supportive and professional.

    Katherine is highly experienced in her role, thorough, pays attention to detail and offered positive, constructive feedback in the mock interview session. She mentored me through the entire process and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with her. She is a complete natural and very approachable.

    A true professional.

    I now have my dream job thanks to her dedication and hard work.

    Highly recommended.
    Dr Johanne Brolly
  • October 2021

    Professional and reliable

    Katherine approached me for an exciting new role, which I was offered and accepted. She was reliable and genuinely cared beyond the process of recruitment.

    She was a pleasure to liaise with and kept me informed during the whole process. I would definitely trust her judgment and recommend working with her.
  • February 2020

    Professional, Friendly and Fantastic!

    Katherine helped me to secure a very exciting role in a new field of work. She kept me thoroughly informed throughout the process of securing the interview to the job offer. Katherine’s professional and empathetic approach stood out to me compared to other recruiters I have worked with previously. Katherine makes time to get to know you and has a very proactive approach to her work - her passion for her work shows through every conversation I’ve had with her.

    From Day 1, Katherine had been a great help with answering all my questions (no matter how trivial some of my questions were) and helping me with my interview preparation. I am truly grateful for everything Katherine has helped me with during the recruitment process.

    I would highly recommend working with Katherine, as she is wonderful, highly professional and has a vast amount of recruitment experience.
    Natalie Warren-Godkin
  • November 2019

    Professional and friendly

    Katherine approached me via LinkedIn with a job that was perfect for my next step.

    She spoke every stage through with me and was always there when needed to help me out. She was excellent throughout and it was a true joy to work with her throughout the process. I'd highly recommend Katherine to anyone in need of a recruiter or looking for their next step
    Nathan Price
  • October 2019

    Katherine helped me to find my perfect job after being at home with my son for 2 years. She kept me thoroughly informed throughout the process of securing the interview to the job offer and her professional and empathetic approach stood out to me compared to some other recruiters I had been working with. I would highly recommend working with Katherine.
    Ella Mattison, Marketing Executive
  • January 2019

    A career partner experience

    Katherine approached me recently for an exciting role which led to a successful move. We ended up working together with KD people for recruiting more new roles!

    Katherine really understands both sides of needs so she is able to identify THE right group of candidates. A major difference with other agents is that you can feel she is a partner of your career plan instead of just sending a JD and say let me know if you are interested.
    Candidate in China
  • January 2019

    We have been very satisfied with Katherine's services. She makes a great deal of effort to understand the role fully and the skills, knowledge and experience that will be required to fill the position successfully. She is willing to "dig deep" to ensure that all details are unearthed and isn't afraid to question very comprehensively to build a fully rounded picture of the role and the environment in which the successful candidate will work. Katherine has very recently, successfully filled a key role for the organization in the most efficient way, thank you.
    Karen Roberts, HR & OD Director, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • January 2019

    Katherine has a wealth of recruitment experience and is a trustworthy, professional individual who delivers a quality service. She’s focused with the right people skills to quickly understand what hiring managers are looking for as well as having the tools and knowledge to identify suitable individuals for each vacancy. I would not hesitate in recommending her.
    Catherine Wainman (previous colleague)
  • November 2018

    Katherine did a great job at supporting and guiding me throughout my move. She kept me in the loop throughout the entire process and made it a very enjoyable experience. Her professional approach and highly likeable personality make it easy to communicate with her effectively and candidly.
  • August 2018

    I can highly recommend Katherine and her professional, friendly approach to recruitment. Katherine took the time to really understand the role and ensure there was complete alignment with my requirements for a new project. At every stage of the process Katherine kept me informed and I had complete confidence in her. A great recruitment experience!
    Jennie Pickering, Hi-Q Consulting Ltd
  • April 2018

    Whether you are recruiting, or planning your next move, Katherine will give you the professional guidance, support and insight that you need to get the right result. I have had the pleasure of working with Katherine in both scenarios; she provides high-quality and constructive advice to add value to every step of the process. Getting Katherine involved in your search will be one of the best decisions you make.
    Anonymous, Senior Marketing Manager
  • February 2018

    'I have no hesitation in recommending Katherine. Her industry knowledge and professional approach is excellent while her advice and guidance is always appreciated. Katherine is a detail-oriented and tenacious recruiter who seeks a win-win for a candidate and employer, building great rapport with both.'
    Stephen Hawthorne - VP, Sales EMEA ProQuest
  • February 2018

    Katherine handled the recruitment for a Director in an exceptional way. After our previous experience she recommended that she should carry out a targeted search for appropriate candidates. The appointment was handled, and the person started before the end of the notice period of the departing Director. Throughout the process Katherine kept me completely up to date, and her communication with the candidates and active promotion of the RSC to the candidates was exceptional. The last time we recruited for this role the recruitment took over 12 months.
    Robert Parker - CEO, Royal Society of Chemistry