Search and Selection

KD People pride themselves in providing an exceptional recruitment service. We partner with our clients to fully understand their requirements and to be able to provide them with the best talent in the marketplace for their organisation. As well as advertising we actively headhunt passive candidates to make sure we can provide the best shortlist.

Where we believe we differ from other agencies is our experience and expertise in selection. Depending on the level of service you require we can save much time through undertaking our own selection process and providing you with specific recommendations for each shortlisted candidate, even feeding into your development process for senior level hires. Once you have made your selection we will manage the offer process and start date helping your new employee integrate into your organisation. We can offer support on both a contingency and retained basis and provide support with interview questions, psychometric assessments, interviewing and benchmarking. We have extensive experience hiring locally in India, China, the US and elsewhere.

If you are interested in:

  • contingency recruitment
  • executive level search
  • objective interview support
  • outsourcing recruitment projects
  • developing effective selection tools

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Freelance recruitment and training

Do you have too much work for your in-house recruitment team and need a short term boost to numbers? 

I can pick up discreet projects for you saving money on traditional recruitment fees.

Are you concerned that your hiring managers need more support with interviewing? 

I can offer interview skills workshops tailored to your needs
With 15+ plus years of interviewing experience and certified in behavioural event interviewing and psychometric testing I can be your additional interviewer bringing a more objective view to your hiring process

Do you need to improve your hiring and selection practices?

Individual training solutions for groups or individuals can be provided for businesses needing recruitment skills or training in related areas such as managing unconscious bias, building a recruitment strategy or interview skills. We can also provide an objective recruitment audit for your in-house team to identify how you should move your talent acquisition to the next level. 

"Please contact us for more details.

Careers advice and outplacement services

Are you looking for your next role? I offer a one to one service built around your needs to help support your career progression.  

This may include support in areas such as:  

  • understanding your personal motivations 
  • building confidence and removing barriers
  • Understanding and communicating your style of leadership
  • improving your CV
  • interview practice
  • offer negotiation

Workshops are available to clients looking to provide outplacement services to their employees on site. Please contact for more information.