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    Is racism prevalent in recruitment practices in the UK?

    08/06/2020 21:47
    With the recent Black Lives Matter protests what should we doing in recruitment and talent acquisition to aid diversity and inclusion and prevent racist practices?
  • Job sharing versus talent partnerships

    16/07/2019 17:15
    Do you encourage job sharing at the moment? Have you ever considered this option for senior roles in your organisation?
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    Are interviews any use?

    06/09/2018 15:00
    There is plenty of literature about the success (or failure!) rates of interviews in predicting performance. Working in recruitment you sometimes wonder if interviews are adding value to the process, especially for internal hires.
  • Change

    20/02/2018 14:04
    Why do we resist change so much? Why did I set up KD people?
    My first blog for KD People! It's been a year of big change for me. I became a mother for the first time and then decided to resign from a job I had been in for nearly 10 years.